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About Artemis Way

Why Artemis Way?

In Greek mythology, Artemis is perhaps best known as the goddess of wild nature, but she has a great many strings to her bow.


As the daughter of Zeus and Apollo, she is also known as the goddess of the forest and the hills, the hunt and of childbirth and midwifery. It’s certainly an eclectic mix, so why did I choose to name my business after her?


The forest

Nature has always been the place where I feel the most at peace. For me, the forest is a place of healing; the place where I feel most myself and in my element.

The bow and arrow

There’s a great quote that compares life to an arrow: if it’s pulling you back, it’s because it’s about to launch you forward.  

It’s an idea that has comforted me in tough times and Artemis’ bow and arrow remind me that trying times can create the energy to propel us forwards. I even have an arrow tattoo to remind me of this!

The hunter

You may have spotted the quote on the homepage - ‘I’m on the hunt for whom I’ve not yet become’.

Having been on a journey myself - not necessarily to find myself, but more to hunt out my full potential and step into who I really am, this is exactly what I now do in my work. My aim is to help people realise their full potential and find the person that they are hoping to become.


Artemis is often depicted with animals by her side, whether it’s her dogs or a deer. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much animals mean to me. I studied zoology at university and spent many years working with animals, from volunteering with wildlife in Thailand to working for the RSPCA. My dog Ruby is always by my side, and she brings so much joy.

What are Creative Pathways to Self?

Creativity - in all its forms - is something that I love and truly believe in.


It doesn’t have to be art or music. It could be the way we dress, what we cook for tea; even the routine you follow to clean the house. We can infuse creativity into our daily lives and use it to create the life we want. Creatively engages the mind and brings us to the present moment. It satisfies our curiosity and our need to build.


I always strive to bring creativity into our sessions, whether it’s through suggestions of activities to explore away from our time together, or in helping you to create a new life for yourself.


As face to face sessions return in 2023, I hope to use creativity in a more active sense within sessions going forward.

The Journey


Life isn’t a destination and the end isn’t the important point. The destination isn’t happiness, as a lot of other therapists, or self help books might tell you. It’s the journey that’s important!

The journey you go on with me will be to find your true self. It may be full twists and turns, ups and downs and even the odd flat tyre, but there are always plenty of different routes, shortcuts, and long scenic routes to take along the way.

From that place, you can truly enjoy the journey of life, rather than living from one milestone to the next.


What is self?


In my eyes, self is when we are being unapologetically us.

It’s when we allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel, express it in a way that feels healthy and show that to the world. It’s when we truly love and trust ourselves. It’s a sense of self respect and self-worth where you want to care for yourself above all else.

It’s where you trust yourself in all that you do and where you can be conscious of and comfortable with your flaws, quirks and imperfections. It’s a place where you don’t run and hide from things that aren’t comfortable and happy. It’s a place where you can truly live in the present.


Working together


Together we will work to find your sense of self, or at least set you on the path towards it. I truly believe that when we connect with ourselves, only then can we connect with others.

By learning to love yourself, and show yourself to the world, you learn how to love others and accept them wholeheartedly.


My aim is to create a happier, healthier, more loving and connected world, one person at a time.

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